Year: 2008
Client: Ministero degli Esteri

The travelling exhibition about Italy presents itself as an open and constantly evolving exhibition system, capable of communicating Italy’s richness, style and philosophy and of disseminating the country’s image. The organisation of the exhibition combines didactic needs with a relational and emotional dimension in relation to the public. In this sense, the language used to narrate the exhibition translates information into discovery, wonder and experience. The entire exhibition will therefore be represented by integrating traditional and modern systems: from the physical object to the hologram, from the scale model to the video projection, from the paper document to the audiovisual one. The exhibition system at the basis of the travelling exhibition is characterised by a self-supporting construction system of exhibition panels, which guarantees ease of assembly, transport and above all adaptability to environments of different sizes and configuration, in which the works can be displayed.


INAREA Strategic Design