Year: 2000
Client: Private

The renovation work in Capalbio, has allowed to divide the interior space in an optimal way, to obtain three volumes with living room, kitchen, dining room, five bedrooms and six bathrooms. In the original building, a corridor paved in black cement marmette tiles was designed to connect all the rooms and cross the porticoed space that opens between the living room and the kitchen. It is a rustic and rough frame that wraps the newly built loft in the double-height volume: a light structure in metal frame anchored to the pillars. Without looming over the main room, the staircase with a solid wood base and iron steps anchored to the wall, leads to a sort of library that overlooks the fields through a large window.
There are many traces that testify to the non-residential origins of the building, such as the color that recalls the bright red of the oxide dye used by farmers in the ’50s to paint their stables for convenience.