Year: 2011
Client: Enel S.p.A.

The new Enel Flagship store Milan in Via Broletto has been designed around the new relationship between Enel and the public. It is no longer just a space for consultancy, but a place for interaction, an emotional experience: walking, discovering, touching, being curious, experimenting. The space is characterised by an essentially neutral environment in which the predominance of white in the flooring, furnishings and wall surfaces is interrupted by orange and blue elements, conceived as parallelepipeds contained within the space. It is inside the big boxes that the sensorial experience takes place, thanks to projections, screens, reflections, transparencies, up to the playful experience of augmented reality. The basement is organised to house a conference room with a lighting system suitable for wall projections. The materials used are the result of technical and aesthetic research, in order to obtain reflections and transparencies suitable for guaranteeing the best performance of the technological appliances.; Corian, methacrylate and steel, used for the furnishings and finishes, reveal a strongly contemporary space.