Founded in 1986 by architect Carlo Lococo, Studio Lococo works in the field of architectural design in a holistic manner, from large-scale projects to design and construction details. The studios’ projects are defined by linear and clean shapes, and by the search for innovative materials. The studio holds a close relationship with contemporary art and is often involved in setting up exhibitions and art galleries.


To ensure the maximum quality of all projects, members of the Studio work closely together, availing themselves of valuable external expertise, as well as leading experts in all fields.

CARLO LOCOCO was born in Maropati (Reggio Calabria), in 1958; in 1984 he graduated in Architecture at the “Valle Giulia” campus with L. Anversa. He collaborated with the architect and his thesis supervisor Dario Passi on several projects, including the competition for the Paris Opera House (1983) and the Accademia Bridge (Venice Biennale 1985).

Since his graduation he has concentrated on the study of architectural design. During his formative years he worked with Peter Eisenman Architect.

In 1986, he began working as a freelance architect, focusing his attention on building practices and architectural detailing.

During the 1990s he mainly experimented with designing in environments with strong historical connotations. He has been involved in the restoration of historic buildings for both public and private use, always demonstrating great sensitivity to the value and beauty of the antique.

In the late 1990s he concentrated on the design and restoration of hotels, including in 2004 the renovation of the existing building and its extension with 40 new rooms and lobby of the Hotel Beaurivage designed by Giò Ponti.

The link between architecture and art becomes predominant in his work in museums. In 2006 he formalised his collaboration with Antonio Romano (Inarea) and in the same year began the project for the restyling of the Manzoni metro station in Rome, a pilot project that defined the guidelines for the project to restore all the stations. The professional relationship with Inarea continues to grow, allowing the development of a restyling-branding activity for the major Italian brands.

Francesco D’Ippolito, Senior Architect
with Studio Lococo since 2010


Lorenzo Magno, Senior Architect
with Studio Lococo since 2014


Renata Tarani, Senior Architect
with Studio Lococo since 2015


Alessandro Maria Boschin, Architect
with Studio Lococo since 2020


Davide Pellegrini, Architect
with Studio Lococo since 2020


Lavinia Anzini, Architect
with Studio Lococo since 2021




Giulia Gatti
Elisa Versari
Anita Maria Cinthia Sala
Lidia Marchianò
Marzia Fiume Garelli
Francesco Maria Di Giuseppe
Francesco Forgnone
Eugenio De Meo
Paolo D’Este
Paola Risi
Valentina Aliberti
Marco Marino
Natalia Gutierrez
Giulio Gualtieri
Carlotta Trombetti
Luca Marseglia
Emanuela Cippitelli
Lorenzo Recchioni


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